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Statistics and Numerical Methods   Rs.120/-   
Rs.30/- (Delivery Charge)

Total Number of Pages:  302

Key strengths

  •         It covers the Anna University syllabus - Numerical Methods

  •         All worked examples accompanied with clear explanations

  •         More than 150 solved Anna University solved problems

  •         90% of questions in the website (University Questions) solved with explanations

  •         Part-A Questions and Answers at the end of each units

Topic Covered

  •         Testing of Hypothesis

  •         t - Test
            F - Test
            Chi-Square Test
            Single Mean and Difference of Mean (Large Sample)
            Single Proportion and Difference of Proportion (Large Sample)
  •         Design of Experiments

  •         Completely Randomized Design (RBD)
            Randomized Block Design (RBD)
            Latin Square Design (LSD)
  •         Solution of Equations and Eigenvalue Problems

  •         Fixed Point Iteration
            Newton-Raphson Method
            Gauss Elimination Method
            Gauss Jordan Method
            Gauss Jacobi Method
            Gauss Seidel Method
            Largest Eigenvalue by Power Method

  •         Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration

  •         Lagrange's Interpolation
            Newton' Divided Difference Interpolation
            Newton's Forward and Backward Difference Formulae
            Differentiation using Interpolation Formulae
            Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rule
            Double Integrals by Trapezoidal and Simpson's 1/3rd Rules

  •         Numerical Solution of ODE

  •         Taylor's Series Method
            Euler's and Modified Euler's Method
            Runge-Kutta Method
            Milne's Predictor and Corrector Method
            Adams-Bash forth Predictor and Corrector Method

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